13 nights / 14 days

Baku-Apsheron Gobustan- Shamahy- Lahij - Sheki- Gabala Ganja - Baku Naftalan-

1st day

Arrive in Baku, and transfer to the hotel


1 airport 2 airport 3 airport

Day 2 Baku

Breakfast in the hotel

Visit the medieval Old Town (XI- XIX centuries.):

The complex Shirvanshahs Palace (XIV-XV cc.), Karvansaray (XII-XV centuries), ancient mosques (especially

Magomed XI mosque in.), Medieval baths, narrow cobblestone streets, souvenir

stores and shops of artisans, Maiden Tower.

10 center baku



You will see the palaces and villas of oil tycoons, built during the oil boom in the period from 1870 to 1918 yy .. and visit the Alley of the victims, with a magnificent view of the Baku bay.

4 exkurs baku

3rd day of the Apsheron Peninsula

Breakfast in the hotel

Tour of the Apsheron-woo:

Temple of fire worshipers "Atashgah" (XVII century.) In Surakhani settlement. Archaeological and ethnographic museum complex "Gala" (open-air museum with architectural monuments belonging to the III-II millennium BC isrednevekovayaoboronitelnaya Tower)

"Yanardag" in the village of Muhammad (natural eternal flame burning since ancient times on the hillside).

5 castle baku

4th day Shamahy- Lahij Baku - Gabala

Breakfast at hotel

Check-out and check-out

On the way to Shamakhi, visiting the mausoleum of Diri Baba near Maraza (now Gobustan)

Visit and inspection of the Juma Mosque, the oldest mosque in Azerbaijan from ancient times there was only a foundation and planning

Visit 7 gyunbyaz (7mavzoleev) where buried rulers of Shamakhi

 11 history of baku

Then our journey passes through the spectacular and Dahlin kanoonam at an altitude of 1500 m above sea level along the river Girdimanchay. Reaching pearl Ismayilli region, hidden among the mountainous village of Lahij, we walk along the stone-paved streets, look at crafts and visit the Museum of Regional Studies.

Lahij - for centuries stood their craft and art preserved to this day. We will have plenty of time to enjoy that unique kaloritom this small town with great history.

4 history and culture of baku

Trip to Gabala

Waterfall "7 Gozel" (7 Beauties)

Accommodation in Gabala

5th day Gabala-Sheki

Breakfast at hotel

Check-out and check-out

Lake Nohur Gel

Ski Tufandag, cable car ride passing among the green hills,

visiting remote villages

On request, we can make a program of visiting amusement park "Gabaland"

Or Chukhurkabala (the ruins of the ancient city of Gabala).

We'll go to the village of Nij to see the ancient Albanian church

5 poezdka v sheki

A trip to Sheki

Sightseeing zkskursiya on Sheki

Visit the ancient city fortifications (XVII- XIX centuries.)

Visit the Palace of Sheki Khans (XVIII century.)

Visit the museum in the old round-Christian church (IX-XVI centuries.)

Familiarity with handmade artisan in the workshop for the production of stained-glass windows - "shebaka"

Visiting the museum of history and local lore.

Hotel accommodation

14 hotel of baku

6th day Sheki-Gandja

Breakfast at hotel

Check-out and check-out

Visiting Sheki Bazaar

A trip to the village of Kish, a visit to the ancient Christian church, not only in the Caucasus but also throughout Europe and Central Asia, erected in the 1st century AD

A trip to Ganja

Lunch in Ganja with its cuisine and its traditional dishes

Tour of Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan:

Ganja has an interesting historical past:. The birthplace of Nizami Ganjavi, great Azerbaijani poet 12th century, the mausoleum is not to be missed and give tribute to this great poet, whose works included in the UNESCO heritage. Ganja we will see the mosque of Shah Abbas, Chyakyak Hamam, built in the same years, the mausoleum of Javad Khan, the Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky and the bottle house built in the postwar years in Ganja. A visit to the mausoleum of Nizami Ganjavi

11 history of baku

Hotel accommodation

7th day Ganja - Goy Gol - Naftalan

Breakfast in the hotel.

Check-out and check-out

A trip to the lake Goy Gol, one of the most beautiful lakes in Azerbaijan.

Village called Goygol world famous beautiful and rich forests, unique nature and beauty. To preserve this natural splendor of April 1, 2008 Goygol National Park was established. Goygol National Park is located in Azerbaijan, on the picturesque northern slopes of Mount Kapaz, at an altitude of 1000-3060 meters above sea level.
17 travel naftalan

Moving to the city of Naftalan

Naftalan City has the world's only mine naphthalene
Accommodation in motels.

8th day Naftalan

Breakfast in the hotel

This day we will fully dedicate relaxation.

Naftalan oil has unique healing properties, which have no analogues in the world. It has a diverse healing effect on the human body. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilatory and stimulating properties. Promotes metabolism, accelerates the healing process. Naftalan stimulates the production of adrenal hormones, antibacterial and sun exposure. It leads to increased ventilation. Patients in the treatment there is an increase in hemoglobin and red blood cells. Naftalan contributes to slower clotting.

18 relax of naftalan

Visit your doctor and appointment procedures.

Passage of procedures: Naftalan bath, massage, paraffin, tokoterapiya, magnetic therapy, ultrasonography, electrophoresis and others. All this only on medical prescription.

9th day Naftalan - Gobustan- Baku

Breakfast in the hotel

Check-out and check-out

Trip to Gobustan.

Gobustan - a mountainous area on the south-east of the Caucasus Mountains, located 60 km from Baku, is the territory on which lived ancient chelovek.Naskalnye Gobustan belong to different epochs and dated by 10- 8 millennia BC to the Middle Ages.

Hotel Accommodation in Baku

19 shilk way

The 10th day of the Baku-Shirvan, Lankaran National Park

Breakfast in the hotel

Check-out and check-out

A trip to the Shirvan National Park,

habitat of gazelles and migratory birds. In this national park live wolves, foxes, jackals, wild cats, jungle cats, badgers, beavers, rabbits, turtles and various species of migratory and other birds.

Next we go to Masalli. There you will find natural sources of sulfuric waters. There is a sanatorium for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This resort can take a dip in the pools with sulfuric water. The temperature of water exiting the land 60 ° C.

20 nature wild

Poezka in Lankaran.

Hotel accommodation

11th day of Lankaran-Baku

Breakfast in the hotel

Check-out and check-out

A trip to the forest Hirkan sightseeing and Hanbulanskoe reservoir.

21 fishing

Great surprise for you!

Preparation of one of the dishes of Talish ethnos Balig lyavyangisi (fish stuffed with onions, walnuts and dried plums).

A trip to the tea plantation, lemons, mandarins, oranges and myrtle.

Return to Baku

Hotel accommodation

The 12th day of the Baku - Guba -Shahdag

Breakfast at hotel

Check-out and check-in Guba

Familiarity with Guba, a tour of Guba

Mass grave found during the construction of the stadium

Carpet Association in Guba

A trip to the Gusar to Shahdag

Hotel accommodation


22 amazing surprise of tour

13th day Shahdag - Khizi - Baku

Breakfast in the hotel

Check-out and check-out

Trip to Khizi (pink mountain). Walk through the mountains.

Lunch and vozvrasheniya in Baku

12 guba baku

14th day Transfer

Breakfast in the hotel

Check-out and check-out

Airport transfer